24appz.com: An overview of the services we offer

24appz.com resells readymade platforms. One of our core services is providing reliable and fast e-commerce websites. We provide an all-in-one e-commerce solution that includes a mobile app for customers (compatible with both iOS and Android devices), a delivery app for delivery agents, and an admin dashboard for the business. 24appz.com help brick-and-mortar businesses go digital.

24appz.com franchisees: why should I purchase one?

A High Rate of Return on Investment
Readymade e-commerce platforms are in high demand among retailers. With 24appz.com being one of the most trusted brands in the UAE and having successfully assisted various businesses, investing in our franchise could result in a significant return on your investment.
Franchisees profit roughly based on their sales:
• Selling the “Basic” package, you can expect to earn a profit of 500 Dirhams per sale.
• Selling a “Premium” package, you can expect a profit margin of 2500 Dirhams per sale.
• You can expect a profit margin of 5000 Dirhams per sale by selling a “Platinum” package.
Simple and Convenient
There will be no inconvenience to franchise partners since 24appz.com will be responsible for providing technical support to consumers. It means you will have little to worry about if you decide to become a franchise partner.

Want to become a franchise owner?

Applicants who wish to become 24appz.com franchisees must meet the following requirements:
A franchisee of 24appz.com needs to consider two factors, location and cost. 24appz.com offer franchise opportunities only in the following areas: Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. The applicant must be an established business or agency operating in the country/location mentioned above.
Another factor to consider is the cost of a franchise, which varies depending on the location of the franchise:

Location Pricing
(UAE Dirhams)
Abu Dhabi 5000
Qatar 15,000
Bahrain 15,000
Saudi Arabia 25,000

Extensive Experience
Franchise applicants must have prior experience in a similar industry and have operated in it reasonably before applying for a franchise partnership.

For more information about franchise ownership, please contact: