Best Technology

24appz Cloud eCommerce build with Facebook's React Js & React Native


Complete Solution

Everything required to successfully operate an eCommerce Business


Super Fast

Website & Apps Performs better than 99% of other websites and Apps .

Best user Experience

Designed with the latest design standards to offer the best experience to the computer and mobile phone users

To load faster, the latest and best technologies are used so it loads faster than 98% of eCommerce websites

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2 Step Checkout

You can place an order within two pages instead of needing to load in 5 pages like other websites.

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Guaranteed Updates

We are constantly building new features and all of them will be updated for free of cost

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Support Service

With expert assistance there will no hurdles . We will be always available to help you.

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  • Payment Gateways

    Payment gateways are integrated to collect payment through Debit & Credit cards

  • Offers & Discounts

    Special page for offers, There you can display products with discounted prices

  • Quick Re Purchase

    Special page for frequently purchased products. That makes the process easy for regular customers.
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  • Order Status

    Option to track the live order status

  • Re Order

    Make a new order directly from a past order.

  • Google Login

    Customers can log in with Google account so they don't need to remember the password.
  • Invoice

    Previous orders and bills will always be available to the customer

Shop Admin Features

  • Admin App

    It also comes with an admin mobile application, a computer software and web application to notify you when an order arrives.

  • Bulk Import

    A way to upload thousands of items with a single click. And can be added one by one. It is possible to make corrections and make changes in the pricing information in bulk

  • Modify Order

    If any of the items in the incoming orders are not available in stock, there is an option to make necessary changes in the order and it can be sent as a notification to the customer to approve the same.
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  • Option to accept and cancel incoming orders.

  • Option to set discounts and manage the stock status.

  • WhatsApp link to directly initiate a chat with the customer.

  • Option to create an account for staff assigned for delivery

  • COD Collection to the delivery staff can be tracked and there will be an option to manage the collection log.

  • Delivery charges can be set on a per kilometer basis and the location where the service is available can be defined.

  • Reports

    An option for viewing and downloading advanced reports

  • CMS

    An option for editing images and text on websites and mobile apps

  • Discounts & Coupons

    An option for generating discount coupons for marketing purposes

  • Push Notifications

    An option to send offer notifications together and individually to the customer's mobile application

Delivery Staff App Features

  • Self Assign

    Delivery staff can view the available orders and choose themself to deliver the order

  • GPS Location & Google Map Route

    After accepting an order, the delivery staff can view the customer's address, Google GPS location, distance, and route.

  • Delivery PIN

    Delivery can be completed by collecting the order PIN from the customer's App and submitting it in the delivery application
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Delivery Schedule

  • Delivery Slots

    Shop Manager can configure delivery slots for all-days, Date, Specific date & Day Also set OFF day, off Dates, etc

  • Manage Scheduled Orders in a streamlined way

Configure Delivery location in all possible ways

  • Delivery Location by Radius

  • Location by Google Places (Exact place borders)

  • Location restrictions based on Custom Polygon Drawing

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